Wings Over Israel

Wings Over Israel 8.10

Wings Over Israel is a flight simulator developed by Third Wire Productions
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Wings Over Israel is a flight simulation PC game developed and distributed by Third Wire Productions. This game allows us to participate in the three major flight combats during three of the major Middle Eastern wars: The Six-day War in 1967, The October War in 1973 and finally Lebanon War in 1982.

This title is part of the long saga initiated by the flight simulator Strike Fighters. Wings Over Israel enables us to fly some classic aircrafts from the IDF/AF (Israeli Defense Force / Air Force) available in the years 1967 to 1982, which are related to wars such as the Six-day war and Yom Kippur war. In these wars the IAF has always had an important role with legendary aircrafts such as Mirage III, Nesher, Kfir, A-4, F-4, F-15, and many others. All of them built with realistic graphics and behavior, both characteristics also apply to weapons and missiles.

Something that calls the attention, is the fact that the simulator is not compatible with Windows Vista. On the other hand, the developers have really improved the game engine and in this way, the game offers very good overall quality and particularly in terms of graphics and physics. The gameplay has also been enhanced, a fact which will be surely enjoyed by flight simulator fans.

Review summary


  • Realistic graphics and aircraft behavior


  • Does not run on Vista
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